Reflections on 'Hints of...'

So this evening a sunny run around Bristol provided a nice opportunity to reflect a bit more on the new album. It seemed especially worth doing as the album was finished quite a long time ago, and since then there have been lots of different things happening and developing - we’ve written and recorded a lot of the next album, started rehearsing with bass and drums for the improvised shows, and finished a new ep. with a side project.

‘Hints of…’ came about after Brian Records founder Jimlad challenged us to record four two-minute songs using two instruments each. We found this very difficult to do, and after lots of sessions felt that we had nothing. However, gradually the mist cleared, and nine tracks emerged quietly, and almost without us noticing.  Although failing in completing the initial brief, in trying to limit things and narrow the constraints a bit we had actually managed to compose something meaningful and complete - something that felt right. On reflection it was great (and important) to (re)learn the importance of trusting in the process - of letting go and trusting that the music will lead the way and take you to the place you need to go.

‘Hints of…’ is an album of suggestions. Hints of emotions, of feelings, of states…hints of whatever really. It’s shorter, quieter and more understated than previous work I think. It feels like a journey somewhere - although where is up to the listener! There’s a sense of narrative there too - something that also came later once we were able to ‘pan out’ a bit.  It feels like a headphone album to me, and one that works best listened to in some sort of isolation, away from distractions. But then that’s just me.

Anyway, I hope you like it if you do happen to listen to it :-)

It’s available as a digital release from Bandcamp and from the other usual places (iTunes etc.). If you want the vinyl you can contact Brian Records directly here: although that won’t be available until later in the year.

Thanks for reading

Jim x