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Ersatz is a project by multi-instrumentalists Ben Johnson and Jim Cornick. Since studying music at the University of Southampton, Ben and Jim have worked together in various projects for fifteen years, and have been writing music as Ersatz for the last ten years. Over that time they have released four albums and three EPs, and have produced, remixed and performed on recordings by James Yuill, Paper Aeroplanes, The Boxettes, Cajita, Tudor Acid and Joyce the Librarian. They have also made records as part of The Hopeful Lonely and Glow, and have both produced solo records. 

Ersatz's first record, the ambient minimalist 'IN', was self-released in 2009. In drew on influences from Arvo Pärt, Henryk Górecki, Brian Eno, Stars of the Lid and Eastern chant music. Their follow-up concept albums, 'Lydia' (2010) and 'Amateur Kakorrhaphiophobia' (2014), joined up the ambient thread with inspiration from psychedelic and progressive rock, minimal techno, Taoist literature and experimental noise music. ‘Hints of…’ (2016) was an album of suggestions - hints of emotions, of feelings, of states. Their fifth record 'Alone in Neon' will be out in 2018.